The December Planning & Environment committee meeting agenda has been published. 






Casual Vacancy for Ongar Town Council - Marden Ash Ward



EFDC Pavement Licencing






Ongar Town Council has re-instated its Planning Committee (agendas are found under 'Committees' tab) in readiness for the housing developments proposed for Ongar as detailed in Epping Forest District Council’s local plan. Planning Committee Councillors have undertaken training and are ready to go.

The next meeting via Zoom to be advised








The Ongar Neighbourhood Plan is now in a draft format and is presently being reviewed by Councillors before going through the approval process.

The residents of Stanley Place have had a parking issue for some time and Ongar Town Council agreed to double yellow lines to restrict parking and improve their environment.

 The foot bridge in the nature reserve was damaged beyond repair during the heavy rain earlier this year. OTC have been pursuing Essex County Council for a replacement, the good news is, it is scheduled to be replaced week beginning 3rd August.

 A contractor has been approved to install new play equipment for Shelley Park, subject to the equipment being available, due to CoVid-19, it should be in place shortly.






A £1.3m programme of works is currently underway at Ongar Leisure Centre, aimed at extending its future life for at least another 5 years.

Epping Forest District Council, in Partnership with Places Leisure, is undertaking major maintenance over the summer and autumn.

The work will be carried out in 2 phases:

  1. Phase One will focus initially on roof repairs
  2. Phase Two starts at the end of summer and focuses on the pool including a complete renewal of the swimming pool plant and upgrades to the electrical systems



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