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The open spaces may be open, but the play areas are closed

  It should go without saying now, but please do not use the play equipment in the recreation grounds. It has been closed to prevent the spread of CoVID-19 virus



Not everyone agrees with the lockdown and not everyone thinks that social distancing applies to them. Whatever you think about it, it is the law and it applies to everyone.

For this reason, the Town Council has cordoned-off the play equipment and the outdoor gym equipment to stop the spread of CoVid-19 virus. Please do not cut the tapes and chains that are securing the equipment. You may not care about what you pick-up, but other people care about what you leave behind. 

Like it or not, the play and exercise equipment is out of use until the law says otherwise. The equipment is  under surveillance, and the images will be used to prosecute if this continues.                                   


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