The Adopted Neighbourhood Plan


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A Neighbourhood Plan enables the local community to influence these changes and play a much stronger role in shaping the area in which we live and work.


Neighbourhood planning provides the opportunity for communities to set out a positive vision for how they would like their community to develop over the period of the district’s Local Plan, in ways that meet identified local need and make sense for local people.


The Key Benefits are:


  • It can include policies to retain local character in new building design or alterations to existing buildings

  • It can protect or propose the creation of open spaces, (such as green gaps, nature reserves/wildlife corridors, allotments, sports pitches, play areas, parks and gardens, and important historic assets)

  • It enables us to ensure that we can protect the things we value the most

  • It enables changes to be managed effectively and ensures they benefit our community

  • It allows us to encourage developers to build what we believe our community needs and requires, (such as family homes and developments more suited to elderly residents)