This is the final submission of the neighbourhood plan

Following your comments from the last survey, this is the final and published version of the Ongar Neighbourhood Plan. There are a lot of documents to consider, but this is the Neighbourhood Plan itself. For more detail, you need to read the consultation statement, the Basic Conditions Statement, the evidence file, and the Neighbourhood planning glossary. The final step is what is known as Regulation 16 consultation - where the final document is handed over to the District Council who will be taking it to the referendum where you will vote to say if you accept the plan. It has been the work of many people and many years, we hope you do.


   Here is a link to the Epping Forest District Council's Neighbourhood Plan page for Ongar, and here is a link to the Neighbourhood Plan Committee's website, but you will find their facebook page more informative.

Notification of Formal Consultation on Ongar Town Council’s Neighbourhood Plan


(Regulation 14 Town and Country Planning, England, Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012) 

The Ongar Town Council Neighbourhood Plan has been published for consultation. Statutory consultees have been contacted. If you would like to take part in the consultation, please see the information below:

 The consultation period runs from 21st January 2021 to 18th March 2021.

 If you require a hard copy of the plan to review or would like to make representations, please contact the Parish Clerk: on 01277 365348 or by email at

Following this public consultation process the Plan will be reviewed and submitted to Epping Forest District Council together with all the supporting documentation, setting out who has been consulted, how the consultation has been undertaken and how the representations have informed the Plan.

Epping Forest District Council will then invite representations before the plan is subjected to Examination by an Independent Examiner. Once any further amendments have been made the Plan will be subject to a local Referendum, if the Referendum is successful the Plan will be “Made” by Epping Forest District Council