Ongar needs special constables



Special Constables are volunteer Police Officers. They have the same police powers, uniforms and equipment as regular Police Officers but sacrifice their free time on a voluntary basis, organising their busy personal lives, day jobs and other commitments around police duties. They do not get paid but are reimbursed for expenses. 

A Special in Essex is someone who will be valued, supported and integrated into the wider policing family. They’re someone who will learn new skills, see new things and make tangible differences to the lives of the public they serve. A Special in Essex is someone who makes new friends, sees life from new perspectives and upholds the law. Ongar needs Special Constables, so if you think that you can become that special person, click here for more information

And Click here to see a sketchy video about becoming a special.


To become a Special Constable you must:

  • Be a British, Commonwealth, European Economic Area (EEA) citizen or have an indefinite right to stay in the UK
  • Not have a criminal record but some minor offences may not exclude you
  • Have resided in the UK for a continuous period of three years immediately prior to the date of application
  • Be able to meet our required medical and fitness standards and have a suitable BMI, for example 5.4 on the Bleep Test, with a BMI range of 18-30. You will be individually assessed.
  • Due to this role being front-line and public facing, it is recommended that you have been well, without medication for stress, anxiety or depression for a period of time before you apply. You will be individually assessed.

Please read our medical FAQs for more information about the medical standards required for this role. Each case is always reviewed individually and candidates will never be excluded automatically on the basis of a medical condition or disability.

The HM Government website also has detailed information on medical standards including which illnesses, injuries and disorders will affect your ability to perform the role of a police officer - these also apply to Specials.

If you feel like something might be holding you back, speak to the recruitment team about what additional support might be available to you.

To join as a Special Constable, you must not:

  • Be registered bankrupt, subject to CCJs or IVAs
  • Omit to declare any offences or 'spent' convictions
  • Have defaulted accounts
  • Ideally not have been convicted or cautioned for a serious arrestable offence
  • Applicants who have received cautions, reprimands, formal warnings and final warnings will not be considered until a full five years from the date of the sanction