Exclusive Right of Burial

Published: 30 January 2018

Ongar Town Cemetery has been owned and managed by Ongar Town Council since it was opened in 1865. The Exclusive Right of Burials were purchased by relatives in perpetuity when the cemetery first opened. This allowed relatives the right to keep the grave within their family and to be assured that no other burial would take place without their consent. It also provided them with the right to place a memorial on the grave.

Graves in Ongar Cemetery were granted an Exclusive Right of Burial for 50 years and those purchased in 1966,1967,1968 have now expired.

Relatives have the opportunity to extend this right so the Council is looking for relatives of the following individuals. 

· Amy Louise Beard

· Reginald James Beard

· Henry Victor Petrie

· Florence Petrie

· George Alfred James Clements

· George William Pincy

· Amy Lillian Pincy

· George Frederick Cook

· Esther Jane Cook

· William John Willmott

· Hetty Gladys Willmott



· John George Barnes

· Joy Eveline Maud Owers

· Florence Eleanor Martin

· George Alfred Jamesw Clements

· Florence Victoria Glancy

· Gladys Florence Fulling

· Frederick Albert Tickner

· Winifred Grace Holwell

· John Frederick Fountain

· Martha Fountain


• Flora Louisa Jimpson

• Richard John Martin

• Florence Eleanor Martin

• Florence Victoria Glancy

• Edmund Frank Thomas

• Alfred William Dixey

• Kate Emily Dixey

• Edith Daisy Dixey

• Annie Mann

• Lionel Edwin Penson

• Jessie Eliza Searce

• Robert Samuel Searce

The Council urges relatives to come forward.

“we would encourage families to contact the Council. Having an owner that the Council can contact is essential to administer the Cemetery accurately and gives the relatives peace of mind by ensuring that these graves are properly looked after.”

If relatives have not come forward within 6 months of this notice the grave will be deemed to be abandoned and the Council will have the right to make safe (lay flat) or remove unstable memorials.”

If you are, or know of, a relative of these persons and would like to renew the Exclusive Right, or just want more information regarding this, please contact the office on 01277 365348 or admin@ongartowncouncil.gov.uk